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  • ✔[ Important Note ] : Selfie Strick has been specifically designed & made High Premium Quality Exactly as seen in the picture.
  • ✔[ New Selfie Strick ] : Selfies are more than just a trend. There may be times you’d find yourself in an amazing place or situation and there’s no one else to take a photo of you in it. Take snapshots of these memories with you in it with these Mobile Selfie Accessories.
  • ✔[ Perfect Working ] : If you are able to click pictures then this selfie stick will work with your phone If the above is not working, you can download camera 360 ultimate app from the play store & try above steps with this app. If you can click pictures then, this stick will support your phone.
  • ✔[ Multi Use ] : You may also use these accessories in video diaries or blogs, when you’re hiking or camping, weddings, parties, the beach, concerts, aerial photos, sports events and so much more.
  • ✔[ Disclaimer ] : Ring and bottom cap colour are subject to stock availability, we reserve the right to substitute for another colour No need to charge, no hassle of connecting through


SKB Selfie Stick for Mobile Phone For tik tok

Selfie Stick is the Portable Extendable Monopod Self-Pole Handheld Wired Selfie Stick for All Smart Phones. It is Lightweight, Portable, and easy to carry, made with Aluminum Alloy. Selfie Stick is with a unique ball-head for easy adjustment to any angle. i.e., 180° degree. The knob is fitted for fast and secure mounting. And the handle is non-slip. It has 7 segments which extend up to 78 cm and it close to 19 cm. Selfie Stick for Mobile is with Fashion and convenient to carry. Now a day selfies are more than a trend. Find amazing places and take photos. Take snapshots of these memories with this Mobile Selfie Stick. You may also use these selfie stick in video diaries or blogs, when you’re hiking or camping, weddings, parties, the beach, concerts, aerial photos, sports events and much more. Perfect for those who travel especially on their own, these selfie sticks for mobile lets you take these selfie photos with ease. This selfie stick is for all smartphones

Specifications: Material: Steel alloy 7 segments, extend to 85cm and close to 18.5cm non-slip rubberized handle, durable metal shaft, stereo non-slip pad attaching phone or sports camera tripod mount for quickly and easily in photos and videos extendable handheld self-stick for smartphones unique ball head allows you to adjust the angle of your smartphone with 270 degrees fashion, lightweight and convenient to carry extendable handheld self-portrait monopod for cell phone disclaimer. The selfie stick is primarily black in color, however, the color of the bottom chrome part is random and is not under the seller’s control.

Traveling ALONE? It’s OK! No worries if someone is not around to take your picture! Now you can capture a moment when you like and still be in it. Want to capture a moment with your loved one and don’t want anyone around to capture it? You have got the right product. This new Photron SLF100 extendable handheld selfie stick features non-Bluetooth shooting, perfectly compatible with those apple phones. Plug and play, no Bluetooth pairing or software installation anymore! It is lightweight and portable, easy to carry around at any time. Since battery charging is not necessary for the stick, you could enjoy continuous shooting as you will.